The Growling Sax

TGS Uprise Series Professional Curved Soprano Saxophone

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Uprise series saxophones feature many advanced designs to improve your playing experience. An enlarged bell emphasizes the horn’s powerful sound, giving the artist a distinct tone. Adjustable palm keys provide a custom fit to each player’s hands so you can play with confidence and comfort. These horns feature premium graded Italian Pisoni pads as well as metal resonators that provide players with a big sound and bright tone. Uprise series saxophones are also fitted with rod protection, double braces, custom mechanisms that prevent the very common problem of the G# and low C# keys sticking and rolled tone holes. These tone holes are individually drawn and rolled giving the advantage of longer pad life, a beautiful broad sound and an improved response time when playing.  Available in eight different finishes, each Uprise Series saxophone features stunning hand engravings and a truly unique playing experience for musicians that demand nothing but the best.


  • Bb Curved Soprano Saxophone
  • High F#
  • Italian Pisoni Pads
  • Blue Steel Springs
  • Beautiful Hand-crafted Engraving
  • Abalone, White or Black Mother of Pearls
  • GL Hard Case

Finishes Available:

  • Gold Lacquer
  • Gold Plated
  • Silver Plated
  • Dark Unlacquered
  • Satin Antique Dark
  • Black Body / Gold Lacquer Keys
  • Satin Silver / Satin Black Keys