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Triumph Series Classical Guitar

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Welcome to the world of Victory Musical Instruments' Triumph Series, where craftsmanship and melody unite to bring you the VTGR-TSN100 – a true masterpiece designed to inspire both budding musicians and seasoned players alike. Our dedication to creating an exceptional guitar that stands tall against the competition is evident in every element of this instrument.

The VTGR-TSN100 boasts a classical guitar design with a 39-inch body, striking the perfect balance between elegance and playability. Crafted for beginners yet enticing for experienced musicians, its timeless beauty is matched only by its outstanding sound quality. The top is meticulously fashioned from spruce plywood, ensuring a resonant and clear tone that rings with every strum.

For the back, sides, fingerboard, and bridge, we've chosen artifical rosewood, a material known for its durability and warm tonal characteristics. The honey-colored gloss finish not only enhances the guitar's aesthetic appeal but also protects it for years to come. To accentuate its exquisite design, ABS binding adorns the edges, adding a touch of sophistication.

When you choose the VTGR-TSN100, you're not just acquiring an instrument – you're embracing a harmonious journey. And to ensure its safety, we've included a soft case that's as reliable as the music you'll create with it. Elevate your musical aspirations with Victory Musical Instruments' Triumph Series – where affordability meets unparalleled artistry.


  • Series: Triumph Series
  • Model: VTGR-TSN100
  • Type: Classical Guitar
  • Body Size: 39 inch
  • Top: Spruce Plywood
  • Back & Sides: Meranti Plywood
  • Fingerboard: Artificial Rosewood
  • Bridge: Artificial Rosewood
  • Finish: Honey Color Gloss
  • Binding: ABS
  • Included: Soft Case

Experience the triumph of music with the VTGR-TSN100. Discover the joy of playing on an instrument that not only nurtures your musical growth but also captivates hearts with its aesthetic allure.