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Triumph Series Steel String Acoustic Guitar

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Introducing the VTGR-TSS100 from Victory Musical Instruments' Triumph Series – a Steel String Acoustic Guitar that embodies the spirit of musical excellence and resonates with both novices and virtuosos. Meticulously designed to rival even the most established brands, this model effortlessly strikes a chord between accessibility and remarkable craftsmanship.

The VTGR-TSS100 showcases a 41-inch acoustic guitar body, delivering a harmonious blend of comfort and playability that's second to none. Crafted to ignite inspiration in players of all levels, this instrument boasts a top constructed from printed linden plywood. The result? A captivating tone that's both robust and melodious, ensuring each note is delivered with precision.

With linden plywood for the back and sides, the VTGR-TSS100 maintains a balanced resonance that envelops any room. The fingerboard, featuring artificial rosewood and equipped with a truss rod, not only elevates playability but also ensures enduring stability. The artificial rosewood bridge complements the fingerboard, offering both structural integrity and tonal brilliance.

Dressed in a striking sunburst color gloss finish and adorned with ABS binding, the VTGR-TSS100 is a visual masterpiece that harmonizes with its sonic brilliance. This guitar isn't just an instrument; it's a testament to your musical journey. And to protect your investment, a soft case is included, safeguarding the guitar as you make music that resonates with the soul.


  • Series: Triumph Series
  • Model: VTGR-TSS100
  • Type: Steel String Acoustic Guitar
  • Body Size: 41 inch
  • Top: Printed Linden Plywood
  • Back & Sides: Linden Plywood
  • Fingerboard: Artificial Rosewood with Truss Rod
  • Bridge: Artificial Rosewood
  • Finish: Sunburst Color Gloss
  • Binding: ABS
  • Included: Soft Case

Elevate your musical expression with the VTGR-TSS100. Discover the joy of crafting melodies that linger, played on an instrument that's as rich in character as it is in sound. Triumph over mediocrity and embrace musical excellence with Victory Musical Instruments.