Find Your Roar with the New Limited Edition Saxophone by The Growling Sax

Victory Musical Instruments continues it's trend of making beautiful and great quality instruments. From the company's launch in 2017, The Growling Sax's brand has been synonymous of innovation, creativity and superb quality. Nearly 5 years after their first instrument, they are launching "The Roar" Limited Edition saxophone and taking their quality instruments to another level.


The Roar LE saxophones include some of the same features that made The Growling Sax popular. The mechanism to prevent Sticky keys (G# and Low C#) as well as adjustable palm keys.

Aesthetically, this saxophone is like nothing you've seen. It features an elegant dull-silver body, silver plated bow and bell, and antique keys and finishes, with beautiful artisan engravings. Looking at these artistic saxophones is almost like looking at a pirate's chest full of silver jewelry. 

Despite it's eye-catching aesthetics, The Roar offers an incredible sound, pristine intonation and modern ergonomics. Every Roar saxophone includes a Sterling (925) Silver neck in addition to the standard high quality brass neck.

The sound difference between necks is night and day. Whether you are looking for smooth, jazzy, r&b-ish sound or prefer a brighter and funky sound, the versatility of this instrument will allow you to adjust to just about any scenario. The same applies to classical saxophonists looking for European vs. the American brighter sound.

Each Roar saxophone will also ship with a travelers premium carbon-fiber case made by Omebaige. 

The Roar saxophones will be available for purchase at in February, 2022 and through our website. 

Regular Prices:

Reach out to your nearest dealer for availability, pricing and special offers! 

A soprano version will be released in March, 2022 featuring a sterling silver straight neck. Due to a great amount of requests, the Roar soprano will also be including a High G key. 

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