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How do I adjust the saxophone palm keys? 

You can adjust the palm keys on The Growling Sax pro instruments with a 2.6mm Hex Key, also know as an Allen key. This feature is available on the following series:

  • Uprise Series
  • Origin Series
  • The Roar Limited Edition
  • Red Lava Special Edition

All of the applicable models include the key.

Are the saxophones made in the United States?

At this moment (2022) there is no saxophone manufacturing in the United States, however all of the instruments are designed by Victory Musical Instruments team in the United States in collaboration with local and international artists. The Avant-garde series is assembled in China, and all other series of saxophones are assembled in Taiwan to our specifications and strict processes. 

All final quality control is completed in our Port Saint Lucie, Florida USA Offices.

Why is it called The Growling Sax? Does it mean I can growl better?

We called our brand The Growling Sax due to the popularity of this technique used by saxophonists for many years. The instrument is not made specially for growling, however the quality of our instruments will allow you to growl and perform at the highest level. 

Do the instruments have a warranty?

Victory Musical Instruments offers a one year limited warranty on all instruments.

Our warranty does not cover accidental or punitive damage, dents, scratches, maintenance or wear and tear of the instrument. 

If the instrument lacquer or paint is peeling or rusting due to a manufacturer defect, it will be covered by our warranty. This includes oxidation and acid bleed. On the other hand, your instrument warranty will not cover paint damage if it is verifiably caused by environmental effects or general wear and tear.

The warranty is not applicable to Instruments purchased through a non-authorized dealer or from  previous owners. 

Are the Red Lava Saxophones and Armageddon trumpets plastic?

All of our saxophones and trumpets are made with the highest quality brass, copper, sterling silver. The red lacquer is done at a custom car painting company for us.

How can I get endorsed by Victory Musical Instruments?

Through our Artist Relationships Program we aspire to establish strategic partnership with professional artists that can help us increase brand recognition and distribution in different territories. Due to the high amount of inquiries, the endorsement opportunities are limited, but if you are interested in endorsing our brands or partnering with us, please contact us at and share some audio/video examples of your music and musical biography.