Diana Lopez

New York, USA


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"La sensación de suavidad que sentí al tocar esta trompeta por primera vez fue increíble. Me di cuenta que se amolda a cualquier estilo musical que necesite ejecutar. Sonido, proyección y suavidad es lo que necesitamos y Victory instruments los da."


A native of Colombia, Diana Lopez started to play the trumpet when she was eight years old. At eleven years old, Diana was accepted to study in the Tolima Conservatory of Music. Ms. Lopez has participated in many competitions in her country such as the Tolima Conservatory Concerto Competition, National Trumpet Competition, Young Artist Competition, among others. In these competitions, she has been either the winner or finalist. From 2013 to 2016, Ms. Lopez was trumpet player of the Bogota Philarmonic Band. She also has performed with the Conservatorio del Tolima Symphony Orchestra, Orquesta Filarmonica de Bogota and National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia. Diana has studied with Cesar Sabogal, Edgar Calvachi, Heraclio Mateus, Johnny Lucero, Maite Hontele, Timothy Tesh and Marc Reese. Diana is the founder of the Brass Women's Association of Colombia (Fembrass) to which around 80 women from different Latin American countries belong. In 2021, Diana graduated from Lynn Conservatory of Music in Boca Raton, Florida; she will join the Orchestra Now in New York as a trumpet player this August.