Mikey Rivera

Puerto Rico

Instrument Played

TGS Premiere Series Soprano Saxophone - BUY

"I have played saxophones from all of the main brands in the industry and believe The Growling Sax has great potential to compete with any of them. The mechanism of the instrument is very ergonomic. This soprano allows me to fully express myself musically and the price is very affordable. It easily outperforms instruments that would cost you twice the price. I see big things coming in the future for The Growling Sax".

Mikey Rivera started his musical career early on in high school playing with many latin artists in and out of Puerto Rico. When entering 1st semester in college he had already been traveling with many famous artists in the Latin music merengue genre. Playing music and studying full time all throughout both his Bachelors’ degree studies his musical journey continued. During his undergraduate studies he performed five student recitals per requirement and a graduation artist recital on tenor and soprano sax with piano for a duration of an hour or so. He has played with artists that include: Zafra Negra, Caña Brava, Latin Music Project, Junito’s Secreto a Voces Jazz Combo, Giselle, Elvis Crespo and grammy winning artists Orquesta La Makina.

He has recorded a large amount of music with many of these artists. He currently plays with one of Puerto Rico’s most acclaimed Latin bands. “Cuenta Regresiva” a musical corporation who has been making music for the past ten years and produces music of all genres. He also has a musical instrument repair shop on the south side of the island called, Taller Vientos Madera, INC. where he teaches part time in his sax studio and repairs for the majority of the woodwind players on and off the island. He currently plays keyboards, soprano sax and tenor saxophone and
studies privately with professors of the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico. He is also the current woodwind repair specialist for the top six music universities in Puerto Rico, plays full time mid week to weekends, teaches music during the day and constantly works to perfect his craft which is to make MUSIC.