Sebastian Pinillos

United States

Instrument Played

TGS Origin Series Curved Soprano - BUY

“Warm sound, spot on intonation, comfortable feel, and great ergonomic features. One of the best instruments I’ve played in my life! - Sebastian Pinillos


"Born in Lima, Peru but raised in the northern city of Trujillo, Sebastian always had a creative side. At an early age showing interest in art rather than music, he took up painting and sketching. It wasn't until he and his mother moved to Florida in 2005, when he began showing interest in music. Taking up the Tenor Saxophone at age 12, the Flute at 18, and Clarinet at 21. Between his high school years and graduation from The University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Jazz performance, Sebastian has performed(and or studied) with Ed Calle, Duffy Jackson, Brian Lynch, Tim Warfield, 3Jes, Ed Maina, Todd Delguidice, Tom McCormick, Dave Fernandez, and most recently performed with Afro-Peruvian singer and activist Susana Baca."