Evan Taylor

Evan Taylor

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Evan Taylor is a trumpet player from the small town of Ludington, Michigan. Early on, Taylor gained musical skills from playing weekly at his church. In 2014, he began studying at Michigan State University under Guggenheim-Fellow & Award Winning trumpeter Etienne Charles. In fall of 2018, Taylor began his Masters at the University of Utah under Grammy nominated trumpeter & arranger, Kris Johnson.

Though Taylor has made his mark as a trumpet player, he has also been recognized for his vocal work, arrangements and compositions. He is currently based in Salt Lake City, UT. He is endorsed by Victory Musical Instruments out of Miami, FL.

Taylor currently records for Warner/Chappell Music. His ability extends to: Jazz, R&B, Salsa, Gospel, Hip-Hop and Popular Music. He has been counted on with several corporate entertainment groups including the International Musician’s League, Greenlight Booking, JMV Entertainment, and others. He also tours with popular artists including Ric Wilson, Joshy Soul, and Jacob Sigman.