Kai Harney

United States

Instrument Played

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Kai Harney is an improvisatory saxophonist with a bent towards blues and jazz with flexibility in various musical situations. The Chicago blues scene was the stomping grounds for discovery to mold his identity as a saxophonist. The cool, melodic sounds of Paul Desmond, the exuberant lines of Cannonball Adderly and the dynamic force produced by James Carter were all inspirations for creating his sound on the tenor saxophone. It was however, the ebb and flow of life behind the raw passion coming out of that horn.

Kai currently works as a musician/entertainer for BB King's Blues Club aboard Holland America Cruise Lines and has previously worked with Carnival Cruise Lines. The demand for versatility in a performer in the cruise industry has featured Kai on stage and in the pit for production shows, playing with party, rock, latin and jazz groups and performing with a horn trio utilizing looper and effects pedals.

Kai continues to strive to be a well rounded musician, professional and self recording artist to deliver music that he is passionate towards.

A graduate of Illinois State University '16, Kai studied under Dr. Paul Nolen while completing his B.S. in music business and jazz performance.

Kai plays on a Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone, King Super 20 tenor saxophone, and Growling Sax curved soprano saxophone.