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Crown Series Rosewood Oboe Full Conservatory System

Crown Series Rosewood Oboe Full Conservatory System

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With seamless transitions and exceptional durability, the Crown Series Rosewood Oboe offers an unparalleled musical journey. Its exquisite design, enhanced by the option of nickel silver or gold plated keys, exudes elegance and sophistication. Beyond its remarkable tonal quality and visual allure, this oboe features impressive attributes such as the full ring system D key, left-hand F, and low Bb vent, all contributing to an enhanced playing experience.


  • Low Bb (equipped with vent)
  • D-C and Left Hand G#-A Trills
  • Articulated C#
  • Left Hand F
  • Full Ring System D Key
  • Nickel-Plated Keys or Gold-Plated Keys (customizable options)
  • Triple Octave (semi-automatic, US standard)
  • American Scrape Artist Reed by Jones Reeds
  • Multi-Purpose High-Quality Case


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