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Special Edition Revelation Series Professional Alto Saxophone (925 neck)

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The new Revelation Series saxophones provide players with an ergonomic design and are available in four high-end finishes: Gold Lacquer, Gold Plated, Silver Plated and a special edition Silver-Plated with Rose Gold Keys and a Sterling Silver neck. The special edition model also comes with two neck options for Eb Alto, Bb Tenor and Bb Straight Soprano models, offering players the ultimate versatility.

Available in Eb Alto, Bb Tenor, Bb Straight Soprano, Bb Curved Soprano and Eb Baritone, the instruments feature beautiful, intricate engravings across the body, bow, bell, neck and keys, as well as boast an adjustable high D, Eb, E and F. The straight soprano model is available comes standard with a Altissimo High G Key.

Additional features include Mother-of-Pearl keys, a G# and low C# anti-stick mechanism and a Low C# keyguard.

Each instruments comes complete with a premium hard-shell, multi-functional case with rain-coating to protect against weather hazards while on the road.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Regular Bell Size
  • Special Edition Silver-plated body with Rose Gold Neck and Octave Key (Sterling Silver neck included)
  • Adjustable high D, Eb, E, F
  • Adjustable keys left and right keys
  • Pearls: White Mother of Pearls
  • G# and low C# anti-stick mechanism
  • Low C# Keyguard
  • Beautiful engravings on Body, Bow, Bell, Neck, and Keys
  • Hard-shell multi-functional case with rain-coating