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G2-RTPSP-R - Revelation R Professional Trumpet (Gen 2) - Silver Plated Reverse Leadpipe

G2-RTPSP-R - Revelation R Professional Trumpet (Gen 2) - Silver Plated Reverse Leadpipe

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Experience unparalleled excellence with the latest innovation in our esteemed Revelation Series: The Reverse Lead Pipe Edition. Crafted for the discerning musician who accepts nothing less than the highest quality, this trumpet sets a new standard in instrumental design and performance.

Elevated Performance for the Professional: The Revelation Series Trumpet with Reverse Lead Pipe ushers in a new era of acoustic brilliance. By refining the connection between the lead pipe and the tuning slide, we’ve created an instrument that not only offers smoother airflow but significantly reduces resistance. This advanced design ensures a more free-blowing experience, allowing for greater expressive control and a wider dynamic range.


  • Key: Bb
  • Bore Size: 459-Inch, maintaining the core of the Revelation sound
  • Lead Pipe: Reverse Lead Pipe, for enhanced playability and tone
  • Material: High-grade Brass Leadpipe and Bell
  • Bell: Enlarged 127 mm, for superior sound projection
  • Valves: Durable Monel Valves, for a swift and reliable action
  • Adjustments: 1st Valve Slide Thumb Saddle and 3rd Valve Slide Fixed Ring with Adjustable Slide Stop, offering unparalleled ergonomics
  • Features: Traditional Water Key, elegantly integrated

Designed for Excellence: The Reverse Lead Pipe Edition is not just an instrument; it’s a revelation. The enlarged bell projects a commanding, rich tone, while the meticulously crafted reverse lead pipe enhances your playing experience with its effortless airflow. Each trumpet comes adorned with exquisite engravings, adding a touch of elegance to its ergonomic design.

Aesthetic Sophistication: Choose from four stunning finishes to embody your musical persona. Each finish not only adds visual allure but also protects your instrument, ensuring that its beauty matches its sonic excellence.

The Revelation Awaits: Embrace the future of trumpet performance. The Revelation Series Trumpet with Reverse Lead Pipe is more than an instrument; it’s your next step towards musical perfection. Designed for those who strive for excellence, this trumpet will elevate your performance, offering a playing experience that’s as flawless as the sound it produces.

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