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Jean & Nick Curved Soprano Saxophone Case - Waterproof, with Music Bag

Jean & Nick Curved Soprano Saxophone Case - Waterproof, with Music Bag

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Jean & Nick Curved Soprano Saxophone Cases: Elegance in Every Curve

Perfect Harmony of Protection and Style for Your Curved Soprano Saxophone with Jean & Nick – Introduce your curved soprano saxophone to its new secure haven. Our basic model case is expertly designed for the musician seeking both sophisticated protection and sleek practicality. It ensures your instrument not only travels safely but does so with an elegance that mirrors the beauty of your music.

Feature Highlights for the Soprano Saxophonist:

  • Tailored Protection: Our case is specifically shaped to accommodate the unique contours of curved soprano saxophones, providing a snug fit and superior protection.
  • Comprehensive Parts Storage: A large parts warehouse within the case ensures that all your saxophone components and accessories are neatly organized and protected.
  • Music on the Move: Equipped with a large external music bag, this case allows for convenient storage and easy access to your single tracks and sheet music.
  • Customizable Carrying Comfort: Offering both a cushioned shoulder strap and a one-shoulder padded strap, each adjustable and removable to fit your carrying preference. Comfortable handles on both sides add to the ease of transportation.
  • Sturdy and Secure: Ground nails provide stability and protection from direct ground contact, while the durable zipper keeps your saxophone safely enclosed.
  • Waterproof Assurance: Crafted with a waterproof exterior, ensuring your curved soprano saxophone remains dry and secure in any weather conditions.
  • Personalized Touch: An identification label offers a personal customization option, enhancing both security and individuality.
  • Colorful Selection: Available in four colors - classic black, vibrant blue, radiant red, and sunny yellow - allowing you to choose the case that best suits your style.

Specifications Designed with the Musician in Mind:

  • Light and Manageable: Weighing just 2.0kg, the case combines robust protection with lightweight portability.
  • Compact Dimensions: External dimensions of 44x17x23 cm ensure the case is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate your curved soprano saxophone comfortably.

Why Choose the Jean & Nick Case? Selecting the Jean & Nick curved soprano saxophone case means choosing unparalleled protection and unmatched style for your instrument. Designed with the musician's lifestyle in mind, this case not only ensures your saxophone's safety with its durable, waterproof construction but also complements your elegance on and off the stage. Whether you're rehearsing, performing, or traveling, make sure your curved soprano saxophone receives the best care.

Sophisticated protection, personalized elegance, and designed for the curved soprano saxophonist – Jean & Nick redefines saxophone care. Pick your color and ensure your instrument's safety and style on every journey.

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