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NEW - Triumph Series Euphonium - 4 Pistons / Small Shank [VEUP-TSGL-4S]

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Built with premium yellow brass material, this instrument emanates a warm and resonant tonal quality. The exquisite gold lacquer bell enhances its visual allure while ensuring superb sound projection. With a nickel silver slide pipe and a rose brass leadpipe, the Triumph Series Euphonium guarantees precise intonation and easy playability. Equipped with four meticulously designed pistons and a small shank, it delivers exceptional response and control across various musical genres. The 15.5 mm (.610") bore and 279 mm (10.98") bell diameter strike the ideal balance between projection and tonal depth, enabling you to create captivating melodies. Prepare to embark on a musical journey filled with passion and expression as you unleash your true artistic brilliance with the Triumph Series Euphonium.


  • Key Bb
  • Material: Yellow Brass
  • Finish: Gold Lacquer bell
  • Nickel Silver slide pipe
  • Rose brass leadpipe
  • 4 Pistons
  • Small Shank
  • Bore: 15.5 mm (.610")
  • Bell: 279 mm (10.98")