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Triumph Series Oboe Full Conservatory System

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The synthetic wood body of the Triumph Series Oboe not only replicates the warm and resonant sound of traditional wooden oboes but also provides enhanced stability and resistance to temperature and humidity changes. With this oboe, you can focus on honing your skills without worrying about the delicate nature of wooden instruments. Equipped with semi-automatic style nickel-plated keys, this oboe offers a responsive and precise playing experience. The nickel plating also adds a touch of elegance to the instrument's appearance while ensuring longevity and smooth functionality of the keys. The inclusion of the low Bb and full ring system D key expands the tonal range of the Triumph Series Student Model Oboe, allowing you to explore a wider variety of musical expressions. These versatile features enable you to tackle a broad range of repertoire with confidence and finesse. Combined with the semi-automatic style, which strikes a balance between ease of use and control, this oboe empowers you to progress and develop your musicality with precision and grace.


  • Low Bb (with vent)
  • D-C and Left Hand G#-A Trills
  • Articulated C#
  • Left Hand F
  • Full Ring System D Key
  • Nickel-Plated Keys
  • Triple Octave (semi-automatic, US standard)