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Crown Series Grenadilla Wood B Flat Clarinet

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Immerse yourself in the resonant tones of the Crown Series Bb Clarinet, skillfully crafted from fine Grenadilla wood. With 18 keys and your choice of silver or gold plating, this clarinet offers smooth playability and an elegant touch. Safeguard your investment with the multi-purpose high-quality case. Elevate your music with the Crown Series Grenadilla Wood Bb Clarinet—a symbol of refined craftsmanship and extraordinary sound.



  • Key of Bb
  • Grenadilla Wood Body
  • 18 Key Boem System
  • Silver or Gold Plated Keys
  • Pro Pads: Ensure increased durability and enhance sound quality
  • Two Barrels Included: Fine-tune the clarinet's tuning and tone with 62mm and 65mm barrels
  • Professional Quality Mouthpiece, Ligature, and Cap
  • Multi-Purpose High-Quality Case