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Victory Triumph Series Alto Saxophone (Gen 2) [G2-TAGL]

Victory Triumph Series Alto Saxophone (Gen 2) [G2-TAGL]

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Bursting with cutting-edge innovations, the Triumph Series student Saxophones are ideal instruments to introduce beginners to their musical career, as well as being gig-ready for any professional musician. With features allowing for easily accessible keys backed by high-power blue steel springs, this instrument’s durable construction is the ideal instrument for any band program. The overall value of this instrument is like no other


  • High F# Sharp Key
  • Gold Lacquer Finish
  • High Quality Pads
  • High Performance Springs
  • Beautiful Engraving
  • White Pearls
  • Custom mechanism to prevent sticky G#
  • Protec Max Protection Multi-Functional Case
  • Mouthpiece, ligature and cap included


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